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Gene Moll


Gene Moll

Senior Estimator

Gene has worked with Mulford Cost Management since 2005 having previously worked as a Facility Manager with a nationally known company. His construction knowledge base is broad allowing him to estimate all construction trades including civil, structural, architectural, plumbing, HVAC and electrical. Being part of a small company means that Gene is involved in almost all projects that come into the office. These projects vary from small to large and cover a wide variety of construction types from schools and college buildings to research laboratories and historic renovation projects.

He is also very proficient in the use of computer technology and is an expert in using on screen take off systems. One area of particular interest is the construction industry’s move towards Building Information Modeling. BIM is changing how buildings are planned, designed, and built. This exciting and evolving technology offers the capability to develop project cost information with more accuracy, throughout all the design stages. Gene is very interested in keeping up to date with the latest developments in BIM and looking to see where this can increase the value offered to our clients.